"Pocket-sized gadget claims to detect supernatural entities..."

"GhostArk is the gadget that'll turn you into a real life Ghostbuster..."

"This pocket ghost detector will record paranormal activities!"

"GhostArk is kind of cool."

Real Reviews

Here are the real reviews, unlike the ones above. We made those up ourselves. I'm not sure why we didn't make them a bit more flattering.

"Do not leave this unit plugged in, it's a potential fire hazard. Super disappointed!" -SW



"This could be a fire hazard... I am so disappointed .. Do not buy this.... It's awful...." - JR



"I have two units and both do not work." - MGR



"Ghostark is a con" - KA



"...if customer complain, it's not our mistake."

- GhostArk's own factory in China, MOKO

"What a let down, I feel sorry for anyone who has ordered one." - Haunted Magazine



"GhostArk have only gone and blocked us (for a review)"

- Haunted Magazine



"It's not going to work, and unfortunately people paid for a box with pretty blue LEDS. GA is just sending them to an email tech support. What a disaster." - KF



"...they did not solve engineer problem. Just ask us to put glue in housing, and add a piece of carton (cardboard) on SD socket."

- GhostArk's own factory in China, MOKO

Media Photos

Don't worry about the smoke.







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