The GhostArk Story

This web site is, clearly, a parody. You get that right?







But there is a


to this debacle.





There once was a company called GhostArk.

They took people's money and ran.

They sent a few.

Much smoke they spew.

And Massimo completed his plan.




Okay, it's going to be difficult to tell this whole tale in rhyme. Anyway, Ghost Ark was a product tauted as a revolutionary, all-in-one ghost hunting device. It had a flashy look built by slick Apple-like marketing. Pre-order day came in August, 2015. Some number of people plunked down their hard-earned cash for a device they had only seen 3D models of. Several noted ship dates came and went. With many delays, eventually, a few shipped. The reviews were scathing and littered with reports of clear technical and aesthetic defects making the device unusable and potentially dangerous. These numerous reported issues include a hazardous overheating and smoke, bad screens, loose buttons, buzzing sound and more.


Few actually shipped. But most who got them report them unusable and potentially hazardous.


Out of all the orders placed, few were actually shipped and, reportedly had a combination of severe (if not hazardous) defects. Many suspected this to be a scam. But many wanted it to be real and banked their wire transfer on that hope.


GhostArk themselves (Massimo Rossi), in fact, posted public apologies for the defects laying blame solely on a factory in China. But resolutions to the product never came.


Soon thereafter, the company disappeared from all communication. The web site was closed and many customers still did not have a device or a refund. Poof. They are now gone - disappointed like Harry Potter with an invisibility cloak and far less moral standards. Will they pop up again in the future with another idea to take money? Time will tell.










So, what's the point now?


This page lives on as a comical, parody telling of that situation. We acquired this domain,, after the company abandoned it on their own free will in order to inform those who have been harmed by the originators of this scam and halt any further harm. Though we are angry at the loss of money and faith in those who actually do work hard for our field, we trust this will help trigger a bit of a chuckle at the situation many stumbled over.


Our hope is...


1. Consumers will learn to research products and the companies behind them.


2. Understand that there are good companies and researchers out there actually building real tech for investigators. GA just happened to be one bad apple. If you're looking for trusted companies for ghost hunting equipment hit up


3. Someone will find these scammers and bring them to justice and/or get a refund.




On that note,

Here's the guy to watch for.



Name: Massimo Rossi

Company (potentially fictitious): Selekton Ltd.

Associated addresses in Italy and Bulgeria

Known language: Italian

Manufacturer of record: MOKO Technology, China


Massimo's son and a few others are also associated with this. For the benefit of doubt, we'll just assume that the son was only involved by his father's demand and the rest were unaware of intent.




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